The Minnesota Timberwolves have today unveiled their new "Association" and "Icon" Nike uniforms for the upcoming season, revealing a completely redesigned look.

Per the Timberwolves press release:

"The Association Edition pays homage to the world’s most exclusive basketball club and stands as a representation of originality. Each player in the league will grace the court in the traditional threads as a badge of honor for the very dream they have all made come true."

"The Icon Edition is revered as the most prominent element within the family of uniforms. Its bold and unique nature illuminates and represents the distinctiveness of our team. From the core colors to the eight letters embroidered across the chest, the Icon Edition is symbolic to our rich heritage and separates us from our opponents."

All 30 NBA teams will have four primary uniforms next season, including the Association and Icon editions, as well as one inspired by the mindset of the NBA athlete, and another representing the communities that support their teams. 

Unlike previous seasons, home teams will not be obligated to wear their white "Association" jerseys for home games.

Check out the Timberwolves' unveiling video below, as well as some additional detailed images and details right here.