A Minnesota middle-school teacher was severely reprimanded recently after a video of her in a distasteful position went viral. Herein, Wendy Brilowski is seen using the N-word repeatedly toward her students. The Highland Park Middle School students filmed the unpleasant moment and shared it via social media, which sparked widespread outrage and led to the video going viral. Since the latter, the Saint Paul Public Schools superintendent Joe Gothard promised serious action would be undertaken against the teacher involved. 

Furthermore, Gothard issued an apologetic statement to parents through a video in which he insisted that nor racist or foul language was accepted in the school district. The superintendent additionally specified: "As educators, we have to be held to a higher standard and we know that this situation represents a failure on our part. And we will not fall silent in the face of racism in our schools." 

Parents were obviously furious upon viewing the video and called for the teacher to be fired. Brandy Coleman, a student's mother, told KARE her daughter previously shared that Brilowski had called her as well as other students "negroes" on numerous other occasions. As of now, the district shared no further details as to what exactly will happen to the teacher, but serious actions surely await.