Protests have erupted in Minnesota over the past few days following the police murder of George Floyd. Many are outraged by this injustice and rightfully so. The protests are now reaching almost every corner of the United States although some are troubled by what they are seeing in Minnesota specifically. There has been quite a bit of destruction to property and businesses have been set on fire. 

Today, during a press conference, Minnesota public safety commissioner John Harrington made a troubling claim about these protests. As he explains, all of the arrests that were made last night are for people from outside of the state and that Minnesota has reason to believe that White Supremacist groups are mobilizing and going undercover to cause destruction in the streets. Simply put, they are doing this to make people of color look bad.

This is a trend we have seen in previous Black Lives Matter protests so it isn't surprising to hear that this is happening in Minnesota although it doesn't make it any less troubling. If this is indeed the case, the American people should be outraged even more than they already are.

Stay tuned for more updates coming out of Minnesota as we will be sure to deliver them in a timely fashion.