Truck driver Bogdan Vechirko was arrested after he rolled onto the 35W Bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which was used as a peaceful protest spot following the murder of George Floyd. His vehicle was moving so quickly that protestors were forced to run to either side of the bridge, fearing for their lives. Once the truck stopped moving, Bogdan was pulled out of the vehicle and people climbed on top of the truck. He was later arrested.

According to the Star Tribune, Bogdan has officially been released from jail without any criminal charges. Minnesota authorities say that he was not aiming for any protestors and was unaware that the I-35W interstate was closed. 

Vechirko had been jailed since Sunday night under suspicion of assault. He reportedly did not breach any barriers put up but, according to State Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington, the driver just barrelled forward and panicked.

Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

Many of the protestors present at the display have claimed that Vechirko showed "a callous disregard for someone's humanity."

Vechirko's wife has issued a video statement, asking for donations as they are not very financially wealthy. "Due to multiple requests, I am recording this video for those who care and want to help our family," said Liudmila Vechirko, who is eight months pregnant. She added that their credit cards are frozen after all of her husband's possessions were taken from the truck.