Miley Cyrus, Juicy Jand Wiz Khalifa were all in Yella's (real name Ariella Asher) bad book when the music maker sued the trio earlier in the year for allegedly stealing her song. Yella released  “J’s On My Feet ft Fleetwood” in 2012 and then Miley, Juicy and Wiz dropped “23 (J’s On My Feet)” a year later and Yella said it was her track. 

At the top of the month, we posted that Juicy was dropped from the case since Yella and the rapper “reached an agreement regarding this matter" but Miley and Wiz were still on the hunt. New reports from The Blast now say that Miley has also been dropped from the case since Yella decided to dismiss the case and drop the entire suit. 

There's no word on why Yella backed out of her lawsuit or if there was a monetary settlement. Wiz's involvement in the case has been on the down low, but we can only assume that he's dropped from the case as well.