Last week, Miley Cyrus was in the middle of a social media dragging after she posted a photo of herself rocking tons of ice, quoting Cardi B in the caption. A few years ago, the pop star distanced herself from hip-hop, claiming that the genre was too materialistic with an abundance of "Lamborghini, got my Rolex, got a girl on my cock." When she initially moved away from rap, fans were relieved. She had been labelled a "culture vulture" by many and people were glad to see her swerving back to her lane. However, the negative feelings were renewed when Miley announced that her next album would have hip-hop elements. Ebro has been one of her most vocal critics. The actress is completely unfazed though and she's still interested in causing a little controversy, posing nude on Instagram to celebrate National Puppy Day.

The unofficial holiday took place over the weekend and Miley celebrated in a very weird way. She planted a lounge chair in the middle of the desert, stripped to her birthday suit, invited a dog onto her lap, and posted a photo of it all. The singer is seen wearing nothing but a pair of green boots and a hat, making sure that her face doesn't get sunburnt. 

This is a pretty bizarre way to show love to your dogs but her fans seem to be riding for this. The photo has been liked nearly 1.5 million times so far.