Usually, our How To Roll series is exclusive to rappers. Up-and-comers and veterans alike have come to our offices to show how they roll up but with a photo like this, Miley Cyrus' mom may be a legitimate candidate for an upcoming episode of the show. You can count on a few different people to flex their massive bags of weed online. Lil Pump has been a regular candidate with well-known stoners Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa also showing off a few pounds of flower in the past. An unlikely source came through with a dope shot of themselves next to a locker filled with weed as Tish Cyrus, the matriarch of the Cyrus family, did just that.

Miley Cyrus has always been vocal about her love of marijuana but it seems to run in her family. Billy Ray Cyrus posted a photo of Tish posing next to a whole lot of weed in the cabinet. She smiles big while motioning over to the bags but unfortunately, she told fans that the bud isn't actually hers. That would have been legendary. "First of all... my husband @billyraycyrus is INSANE..." she wrote. "Second, this picture is also insane, and third this is NOT my weed or my house! haha. But if it was, that would be amazing for so many reasons!"

The photo ended up sparking a debate about how so many people of color are locked up because of marijuana-related charges. The comments section is pretty messy right now with people going back and forth over whether or not the photo should have been posted.