Before becoming a controversial side-figure in the greater hip-hop discourse, Miley Cyrus was securing the Disney Channel bag. Now, it has been revealed that Cyrus will once again be busting out the acting chops, this time for the fifth season of beloved science-fiction anthology Black Mirror. Over the weekend, the trailer for her upcoming episode "Rachel, Jack, and Ashley Too" was revealed, giving fans a glimpse into what might be expected. For the most part, the clip is relatively vague, though Cyrus has done her part in shedding light on the broad strokes of the thematic baseline.

 Rachel Murray/Getty Images

"This is the story of females in the music industry,” explains Cyrus, to BBC Radio 1. “I understand everyone’s gone through this but I do think for females in the industry… it’s hard to be taken seriously. People assume that if you’re not wearing a body suit and singing pop music, why would anyone want to see you.” Of course, it wouldn't be Black Mirror without a dose of technology gone awry, which appears to be converging through an Alexa-esque device called "Ashley Too." Naturally, it may or may not have more agency than anticipated.  

Check out the trailer below, and brace yourself for some of that signature Black Mirror bleakness. "It's outrageously out there and dark,” Miley teases. “We love anything about the darkness of technology. I love that.”