Miley Cyrus' love life has been frequently making headlines over the past few months. It started with her breaking things off with her longtime boyfriend, short-time husband, Liam Hemsworth. Just one day after the public learned about the split, Cyrus was seen cruising in Italy and locking lips with Kaitlynn Carter. The two were going hot and heavy for about a month, spotted engaging in PDA multiple times. Two weeks ago, it was reported that Cyrus and Carter ended their romance on good terms.

Rachel Murray/Getty Images

Now, Cyrus is back in the PDA game - this time, with Australian singer, Cody Simpson. Not only were they filmed making out at a restaurant in Los Angeles, but Miley even shared a photo of Simpson herself, insinuating that there was some sort of fling going on between them. She posted a black-and-white shot of him, shirtless, on her Instagram story and listed a few criteria that make him her type. Simpson is: (1) 22, (2) Australian and (3) endowed with abs. The "Slide Away" singer also claimed that, now that she has stumbled upon her type, she can commence her "Hot Girl Fall." 

However, some people are not letting her enjoy her "Hot Girl Fall" in peace. After the footage of her kissing Simpson spread across the Web, she became the target of some flak for hopping between romantic partners so rapidly. In response, Cyrus posted a lengthy message on her Instagram story, explaining how this slut-shaming evidences a double standard. She points out how men rarely (if ever) get called out for moving on too quickly from past relationships and, instead, are showered in praise when they do. And for all those arguing that she should at least conduct her romantic affairs at home if she doesn't want to be judged, she highlights the vulnerability and boredom of solely dating at home. Read her full defence below.