Miley Cyrus' seventh studio album She Is Coming arrives this Friday which means the "Malibu" singer is doing all kinds of press rounds that's also in anticipation for her Black Mirror acting debut. During her recent visit to Capital Breakfast, the 26-year-old discussed her love-hate relationship with airport security when it comes to her excessive jewelry and how she never takes it off.

“They have a love hate. Because you know they hate because it’s definitely kind of annoying because I never take (jewellery) off but they love me because they always get to do the pat down,” she explained. “They’re getting very sensitive with the pat down and I’m kind of like in to it. But they’re getting like more and more nervous about doing that kind of thing — but I actually like it, you know.” 

She added: “I need a little human touch.”

Rich Polk/Getty Image

While Miley loves getting touched by airport security, it doesn't distract her from true love, husband Liam Hemsworth. “We are like the biggest TV junkies ever. We’ve pretty much watched every show that Netflix has, three times,” Miley explained when discussing their perfect date. “All we like to do, we both like Chinese food and Netflix so this is pretty much our ultimate date.