Miles Teller called out former NFL punter Pat McAfee on Twitter, Friday, for making a joke about Teller being jumped during a WWE broadcast.

“I got jumped by two guys in a bathroom. Never met them before in my life but ya cool wrestling segue bud,” the Whiplash star wrote in response to a video of McAfee commentating on a wrestling match.

“Miles Teller got punched in the face in Maui this morning. I don’t think it was as hard as that shot,” McAfee joked in the clip.

Miles Teller, Pat McAfee
John Phillips / Getty Images

TMZ reported that Teller was jumped at a restaurant where he and his wife, Keleigh Sperry, were eating dinner. Teller and Sperry had been in Hawaii celebrating with Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley.

After Teller called out McAfee, the former Indianapolis Colt apologized: “Miles.. I apologize for not knowing the whole story. I will fix my position and make it right… with that being said, it was a pretty good segue.”

TMZ also reports that the man who punched Teller helped plan his 2019 wedding and is owed $60,000 for services he provided. Teller apparently threatened to press charges against the attacker after he was punched. Both Teller and Sperry left the restaurant quickly after.