MIKExANGEL Talks "NOTHiN 2 SOMETHiN," Building His Craft + More

Jasmina Cuevas
June 20, 2017 18:07

MIKExANGEL sat down with HNHH to discuss his newest project, "NOTHiN 2 SOMETHiN."

MIKExANGEL might just be your next favorite singer. Actually, he should be. The VA native would eat, sleep, breathe making music all while still working a 9-5 to make sure that he perfected his craft. And he hasn't stopped putting in that effort into his talent. Hence why you should take a listen to his newest project, NOTHiN 2 SOMETHiN. The 10-track project features an inside look into who MIKExANGEL is and what he can offer to music--which is a lot. His sound is unique to say the least. 

Check out what MIKExANGEL had to say about putting NOTHiN 2 SOMETHiN together, what makes this project different from others and more. 

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HNHH TV MIKExANGEL Talks "NOTHiN 2 SOMETHiN," Building His Craft + More