Mike Will's Ransommixtape was supposed to touch down at the beginning of this year. After a few delays, the Ear Drummers boss said he wanted to hold onto the tape until he could get a fresh verse from Gucci Mane. With the Trap God coming home last week, he should have that taken care of in no time. However, the next Ransom 2 single we'll get to hear won't feature Wop. Instead, Mike has enlisted another superstar, albeit from a different realm: Rihanna. Damn...we see you Mike Will. Their collaboration, "Nothing Is Promised," arrives later tonight. 

Check out a short video trailer for "Nothing Is Promised," featuring what is presumably part of the song's instrumental, below. Ransom 2 is officially back at the top of the list of our most anticipated summer projects. Who's ready for "Nothing Is Promised"?