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Mike Will Made It Shares His 2017 Instrumental Tuesdays Beat Tape

Mike Will Made It - Instrumental Tuesdays 2017

  Dec 27, 2017 01:03
Stream Mike Will Made It's new 24-song beat tape "Instrumental Tuesdays 2017."

Mike Will Made It has been on a pretty unstoppable run since he broke out onto the scene in 2012 with "Bandz A Make Her Dance," and yet every year he somehow continues to grow & build his name & catalog even more. Just in 2017 alone, he’s contributed to Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” & “DNA” records, along with Rae Sremmurd’s “Perplexing Pegasus,” Yo Gotti's "Rake It Up," & Ty Dolla Sign’s “Dawsin’s Breek” to name just a few.

Following the same formula as last year, the ATL hitmaker decides to come through exactly a year ago to the date & share another Instrumental Tuesdays beat tape, featuring many of his instrumentals from this past year along with some all-new original ones.

Laced with 24 instrumentals, check out beats from Gucci Mane, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell, Rae Sremmurd, Yo Gotti, Future, Young Thug & more in their barest & purest form.

Stream the new beat tape and let us know what’s the hardest instrumental on it?

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top comment
- Dec 27, 2017

So he cant make those?...

- Dec 31, 2017

Who else likes instrumental albums like this that they can freestyle with the crew too?

Q Mateen
- Dec 29, 2017

Shit lit

- Dec 29, 2017


Kas Xilen
- Dec 29, 2017


- Dec 28, 2017

Mike WiLL with another one!

- Dec 28, 2017

He stepped his game up from his old stripper anthems

- Dec 27, 2017

Tsunami is amazing

Cognac Papi
- Dec 27, 2017

Damn, MINK FLOW makes me wish i could rap lol. That beat sick AF

Sweet Dark Chocolate
- Dec 27, 2017

So we gonna pretend he actually made these beats and they aren't all made by the co-producers

- Dec 27, 2017

So he cant make those?...

@Tr3fekta : lets just say he aint wrong i know his ghost niggas but im under a non disclosed deal so i cant say who just know he not wrong but i just want 2 be positive so clap clap for the whole ear drummers

Sweet Dark Chocolate
- Jan 1, 2018

@Tr3fekta : Sure he can make his own beats, doesn't mean he does. Just pointing out that he most likely didn't produce 95% + of the beats on this album yet claims them as his own while the real producers making the hits you hear often never get the recognition they deserve.

@Rip his fuckin head off! : Lol sure bro

- Jan 4, 2018

@Rip his fuckin head off! : P Nasty and I forgot the other dude name but I know who you're talking about. I knew about his "ghost producers" before he got big.

@Traditional Indian Guy : great! now I'd like ur moms creme filled donut and a small coffee lite with sugar. Thank u come again!

@Rip his fuckin head off! : Lol how original; I have never heard a dunkin donuts indian joke before.

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