Lil Wayne's next album I Am Not A Human Being II has been mired in delays, but with the release of the massive lead single "Good Kush & Alcohol", it seems Weezy is poised to drop a potential classic in February.  The producer of the record, Mike WiLL Made It, recently talked about how the tune came together and says it was originally intended for DJ Khaled, but when that fell through he thought it would be a perfect beat for Tunechi, with Drake, and Future on the hook. 

The hit-maker talked to Complex about how DJ Khaled was supposed to use the record, and then thought Drake and Future would complement Weezy, "We were working on this one record that Khaled couldn’t use, and it ended up having Future and Drake on the hook. I ended up giving that same record to Lil Wayne."  Before that, he recruited Drizzy to jump on the track after Future had already laid down the hook, "I pulled up some beats, and I was like, ‘Drake, I have this beat with Future, I haven’t let you hear this beat before. I feel like this is the one ya’ll need to do together. This is the one, trust me."

The producer explains how he does not just pick any rapper to put vocals on a beat, and feels that "the voice is an instrument", and he had hand-picked Future and Drake as their sounds perfectly meshed with the record, "I can’t really explain my ear, but my ear is ill. What you've got to understand about production is the voice is an instrument. I only bring certain beats to certain artists. I felt like that would be the one because Future would sound crazy on it and I knew Drake would sound crazy on it." 

Lil Wayne's I Am Not A Human Being II is slated for a February 19th release date.  You can listen to "Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)" here.