Atlanta native Mike WiLL Made It has become a go-to producer for a club or southern sound, however he's not limited himself to those designations, and he prides himself on listening to a variety of music. Whatever kind of producer we label him, he's definitely a hit-maker. While chopping it up with The Breakfast Club on Power 105, Mike WiLL discusses creating hits for artists like Rihanna and Lil Wayne, and how involved he is in the entire production of a single.

Mike WiLL first discusses his come up and his realization that he was good at making beats, before moving on to his beat for Rihanna's new single, "Pour It Up." The producer explains how Rihanna's people reached out to him, and he sent them back three options.

"Rihanna says she wants whats going on in the club, and I was what's going on in the club, they were like we wanna see what you come out with. So I had gave her three records, one was like a bridge and like stadium music and the 808s, another one was like all the way left, just like a whole new sound, and the other one was 'Pour It Up.'" Mike WiLL continued, revealing that Chris Brown encouraged Rih Rih to choose the latter, "Ended up,Chris Brown came to the studio and he heard 'Pour It Up' and he instantly was like, 'yo what's this? I'm about to tell babygirl she needa listen to this, if she don't like it, I want this to be my single, I'ma record it tonight and put it out tomorrow.'"

The next single up for discussion is Lil Wayne's "Good Kush & Alcohol (Bitches Love Me)" featuring Drake and Future. It turns out that Drizzy and Future were first with the beat, and then it was sent over to Weezy, who hopped on it immediately. 

"With the Lil Wayne, Drake was in town in Atlanta, for the Drake tour, and he came to the studio, and I was at the studio with Future. And they were like put up some beats Mike, and I had already sent the beat to Drake before, and I was like 'yo, this is the one, y'all gotta get on this one.' So they're playing it...and me and Future just throw out different ideas, and Future was just like, 'I'm on that good kush and alcohol.' I heard the meoldy, I'm like, 'that shit sound like the mocking bird melody,' I'm like, 'you gotta use that.'" Mike WiLL explains that next Drake layed down his "as long as my bitches love me" line before the beat was sent to Lil Wayne. "So I had this hook and this beat...sent it to Wayne, Wayne liked it he, he knocked it out, and that's the single."

Mike WiLL wraps up the interview talking about working with Kanye West in a secret location. Check out the full 16-minute interview below.