Mike WiLL Made It is one of the culprits responsible for bringing Miley Cyrus into the rap game, and he's not upset at it. During an interview with Complex the producer speaks on his brand new single, "23," which features Ms. Miley, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J, and he defends his BFF from the haters, on top of discussing his new label deal with Interscope.

Peep excerpts from his interview below.

The first single off of the mixtape is '23.' The last time we talked was before you became close with Miley. Now you both are inseparable. What’s your response to all of the controversy around her right now?
I look at her like how I do music. She is a fan of all music, just like I am. A lot of times, older people don’t get the new generation. The new generation will listen to a pop song, a hard ass hood song, and come back and listen to another pop song. "23" is a representation of that and for those people. But, for the people that are stuck in only the hip-hop box or only the pop box, that song wasn’t for them. Or it’s there to break them out of their box. The fact that anybody would say anything to her about rapping, the only reason they would say that is because she’s white. And I never knew you had to be black, white, Asian, or whatever to rap, I thought you had to just be talented.

With rapping, that’s just another form of expressing your music. Whether you’re going to rap, you’re going to sing, it’s whatever you want. She still sings on that song, so it’s just another way to express it. It’s just a good song. As long as it’s good, nothing matters. She does her thing. As far as rapping goes, as long as you are telling the truth and you have a good flow, then you win.

Was that the first time you heard her rapping? 
We did that at the same time we did “We Can’t Stop.” I think we did it the same day. I let her hear it and she said, "I can pull that off." I said, "Yeah right" and she said, "I can, for real." She went and knocked it out.

She’s just a fan of urban culture. She comes from the country culture and pop culture so she knows that, so she’s a fan of the urban culture in the way that I am from the urban culture and am from the hood and am a fan of the pop world.

What other songs on "Bangerz" did you produce on? 
I've got eight songs on there. I executive produced the album.

It's apparent that you two are fans of each other. Does all of this controversy surrounding her bother you?
People are going to hate. A lot of times, it’s the media that is hating and not the real people, the real people are saying, "What’s the big deal?" Anything she does, if she claps her hands three times they will say, "Oh man, why didn’t she clap four times?" If she came out to the VMAs and she wasn’t twerking and she wasn’t doing all that, everybody would’ve said, "Oh she was supposed to twerk why didn’t she twerk. She’s not real." They would shoot her down regardless because she is successful.

What is the other big feature that your really excited about on your upcoming album?
I got a lot of different people. I’m excited about the whole thing. I’ve been working with will.i.am, Puff, Future, Chainz, Gucci, Kendrick, Schoolboy Q, everyone. Up and coming artists like the artists signed to me, McCoanan, Joey, and Atlanta artists like Two9. It’s really however I can get 10 perfect songs. Whenever I get 10 perfect songs, my album will be complete.