Mike Will Made It is getting a lot of publicity these days.  Not only has he been one of the hottest producers in hip hop over the past year, but he has started to branch out to cross-genre records and producing for the likes of Miley Cyrus

Now, Mike Will has garnered enough attention to make it on the cover of Billboard.  His first single will be “23” and will feature Miley Cyrus, who will actually spit a few bars on the track.  Speaking about collaborating with the pop icon, the hip hop producer says she is “evolving.” 

"Me and Miley just clicked," he says. "She has good ideas. She's real creative. Her whole thing is she's getting older so her sound is evolving, but she doesn't want to reach too far. 'We Can't Stop' has so many different vibes to it. She sounds country; the beat has these live, knocking drums; and then it has these pop melodies. It's a feel-good record."

Check out the gallery above to see the producer on the cover of Billboard.