Mike Will's debut mixtape as boss of Ear Drummers Records, Ransom, released in late 2014, boasted a crazy range of features from the biggest names in the industry. Fans can expect Ransom 2, which is out this Friday, to be the same in that regard. The first two Ransom 2 tracks Mike has shared thus far have come from Rae Sremmurd and Future, and the Atlanta beatmaker just revealed two other stars who will make appearances on the tape, Big Sean and Lil Wayne, both whom guested on the first Ransom

Earlier today, a fan asked Mike what to expect from Wayne's verse on Ransom 2. We weren't aware of Weezy's appearance on the tape, but Mike has confirmed that he indeed has (at least) a verse and that it will be ultra wavy. 

Responding to another fan, Mike then revealed Big Sean's feature on Ransom 2, going on to posit that the Detroit rapper "might be going harder" on their new collab than on their last one, "Paradise" -- the first track off Ransom that went on to become the second single off Sean's Dark Sky Paradise

During a show in L.A. last November, Sean performed some of an unreleased collab with Mike Will, so fans could very well get that track this Friday. If not, then it's a worthy candidate for Sean's next album. 

Check back with us on Friday, January 29 for Ransom 2