Mike WiLL Made It is currently one of the hottest producers in the game. He's been putting in work with just about everybody-- from Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail, to Miley Cyrus' new single.

Now Mike is ready to step into the spotlight himself, as he is gearing up to drop his very first single. And wouldn't you know, Miley Cyrus will be featured on it, as well as Taylor Gang's Wiz Khalifa & Juicy J.

The producer took to Twitter to announce the news, saying that "23" is coming this month. Check out the single art in the gallery above, and stay tuned for the song.

[UPDATE: Mike WiLL Made It Talks More On Upcoming Single]

In a new interview with Life + Times, producer Mike WiLL Made It discussed his upcoming single, "23," which he announced at the beginning of the month would feature Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J.

Mike revealed that we may hear Miley's rapping skills (if she has any) on the record, as he said, "I’m about to put out the first single within the next month. It’s called “23” and it features Miley, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifia. It’s a record where I had to try out something different. Miley is kind of rapping to it."

The producer went on discuss the upcoming album on which the single will live, which he says he wants to be an album full of singles. "It has ten to eleven original songs that are dope as hell. I’ve already dropped three mixtapes for the streets and which each one you can see the growth. For the album I want people to just imagine an iPod playlist with all of their favorite artists. I wanted every song to be their favorite song. Every song is going to feel like a single. I’m not really trying to walk the line. I’m trying to draw the line. This album represents a new genre. I’m calling it 'Eardrummer'," Mike said.

He also commented on what he and Andre 3000 were doing in the studio together recently-- and sadly, it doesn't sound like they recorded any music together, they just vibed out. Mike said, "I was just letting him hear some beats. We were just vibing. To be real with you we were really just talking. He’s like family. I fuck with Rico Wade, Future, Big Boi – the whole Dungeon Family. Andre is from Atlanta and he likes my music and of course I’m a fan of his music, but we were really just chopping it up. It was nothing too crazy."

[Update: New Artwork Revealed]

Mike WiLL Made It has now revealed the official artwork for the single, which can be viewed in the gallery above. The song itself drops September 10th.