Mike WiLL Made It is one of the most sought-after producers in the game. The beatmaker behind "Bands A Make Her Dance", "Bugatti", and "Turn On The Lights" is constantly being tapped for his consistent hit-making abilities. As successful as he is in the rap production world, WiLL is planning to release his own project that will feature no rappers whatsoever, aptly titled #F*ckVerses.

Mike spoke of how jazz influenced the project, indicating that while it will be primarily instrumental, there may be some singing on the EP.

“When I was growing up, my father would always make me listen to Jazz. With some songs in Jazz, the track might just be instrumental, or, after a few minutes, an artist might start suddenly singing- it was just open that way, and that’s how this project will be for me. With #FuckVerses, I feel like with music, the first thing that catches people is the hook and the beat,” says Mike. “Later on, you’ll hear full songs on some of these beats, and with some of these hooks – we’ll take it to another level. But right now, this is for the listeners that are fans of good production and new sounds. It’s a new genre of music, and it’s called Eardruma.” he said in a press release.

View the artwork for #F*ckVerses in the gallery above, and watch the video for the Mike WiLL produced "Body Party" below.