The upcoming Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. bout is all the talk of the sports world, and it comes amid a conversation about Iron Mike's forthcoming biopic. Finding Mike is set to star Jamie Foxx and will cover the highs and lows of the famed boxer's controversial life, which may include his tumultuous marriage to actress Robin Givens in the late 1980s.

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Alberto E. Rodriguez / Staff / Getty Images

Robin Givens has made accusations that Tyson had a terrible temper and was violent toward her during their relationship. Tyson would later admit to punching Givens on repeated occasions, including in his book Fire and Fear: The Inside Story of Mike Tyson and during an interview with Oprah Winfrey.

While speaking with Andy Cohen on SiriusXM recently, Givens was asked about Finding Mike and the actress admitted that she doesn't want to be portrayed in the film. “I don’t want to say bothersome, but you know it’s funny in life how you’re always learning and growing and healing and that wasn’t like fun for me,” she said. “I went and got the book that [Tyson] wrote and I was read it and there were so many things... that are so not true. It’s hard not to feel deeply disturbed by it.

“In a way, I hope I’m stronger because of this or going through this process, but it’s really a little upsetting,” Givens added. "I think to be on the other end of what I've experienced and to have somebody say, 'The best punch I ever threw was against Robin and she bounced one wall to the next and was out,'" Given said, quoting Tyson's book Fire and Fear. "I'm literally praying that those things, we're in a climate where it's not acceptable, it's not rewarded, it's not congratulated and that's something that truly means a lot to me."


Listen to a clip of her conversation with Andy Cohen below.