Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson might be better known these days for getting involved in the upcoming boxing match opposing Chris Brown to Soulja Boy. Besides showing C-Breezy how to throw a lead uppercut, Tyson announced he's spending time in the studio. The boxer-turned-comedian has already laid tracks for an upcoming album. 

To accomplish this momentous task, Tyson hired long-time friend and recorder producer Damon Elliott. Elliott confirmed as much in a phone call to HipHopDX. This week, they dropped a Soulja Boy diss track, "If You Show Up" -- that included a social media star-studded video.

“Damn right, we’re going to put some more singles out there and put a compilation together," the record producer said. "Why not? I’m saying it out of my mouth. I sold 150 million albums and got a Grammy — and been nominated seven times. Mike is coming for real and I’m happy about it.”

Tyson was no joke in the ring and is a savvy showman. He might also be a force to reckon with in the studio -- for Soulja Boy at least.