Storytime with Mike Tyson should be its own podcast. The legendary champion boxer uses his Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson show to not only chat with his famous guests but to share crazy stories his life. If there's someone who has seen ups, downs, and everything in between, it's Tyson, so while speaking with rapper and producer Havoc from Mob Deep on a recent episode of his popular series, Tyson told a story of a police officer bending all of the rules after pulling the boxer over. 

Mike Tyson
Joe Scarnici / Stringer / Getty Images

Before he was living a more sober, calm life, Tyson was a playboy who fed any and all of his addictions. “I remember one day I got pulled over, I’m drunk, I’m high," Tyson said. "So they pulled me over and they said, ‘Pull up on the curb.’ So I pull up, I go on the curb. Boom boom! Oh sh*t! The cop turns and looks and he goes, ‘Oh sh*t Mike Tyson! F*cking hell!”

Police were so enamored with the celebrity that they didn't bother to check if he was sober. “I said, ‘Sir, can you help me get to this address?’ Then he took me to the f*ckin' address where the drug spot was and I said, ‘Thank you sir’ and I was free!” Check out the conversation with Tyson and Havoc in its entirety below.