Every summer, the Discover Channel comes through with "Shark Week," which as one could guess, is a week of programming dedicated to sharks. Simply put, these animals are terrifying and films such as Jaws have done nothing but make people even more scared of creatures that are otherwise very unlikely to attack you. Regardless, many people throughout the world have a vast interest in sharks, and "Shark Week" always provides hours of entertainment to scratch that itch.

Yesterday was the official start to "Shark Week" and to help kick things off, the Discovery Channel was able to get the likes of Mike Tyson on board. In the clip below, Tyson got to go underwater with some lemon sharks, where he was in charge of catching one by incapacitating it by grabbing its nose.

While Tyson was eventually able to complete the task, it was clear that the whole experience scared him quite a bit. At one point, Tyson even admitted how scared he was, noting that he was trying his best to hold it in. Tyson went on to note just intimidating shark teeth can be and that even though lemon sharks are small, they are still somewhat dangerous.

As "Shark Week" continues, we will certainly be getting even more interesting programming. However, nothing will top when they had Michael Phelps race a virtual shark.