Mike Tyson has been making quite a few headlines over the last little while thanks to his desire to make a comeback in the boxing world. Fans are very excited about this prospect and they feel as though if anybody can make it work, it would have to be Iron Mike. Having said that, Tyson was shifting his focus to something completely different yesterday, as he got to be a part of AEW's TNT Championship match between Cody Rhodes and Lance Archer.

Tyson's role was to hand out the belt but he went above and beyond that. After Archer was flung from the ring, Tyson got involved and took his shirt off. He flexed for the cameras and as Archer tried to get back in the ring, Tyson kept him at bay and taunted him while saying "Fuck You."


Tyson's antics eventually worked in Rhodes' favor as he won the fight and was presented with the belt. It became immediately apparent that Tyson's appearance was the highlight of the pay-per-view event and it makes us wonder if the boxer could expand his presence in the wrestling world. 

Perhaps this cameo was a testing of the waters to see how much interest there truly is in his return to the ring.