After the Pittsburgh Steelers escaped Kansas City with a win on Sunday night to advance to the AFC Championship Game, Antonio Brown shared a lengthy Facebook Live video inside the Steelers locker room, in which Mike Tomlin can be heard referring to the Patriots as "assholes."

In his post-game speech, Tomlin also stressed the need to "keep a low profile" which was completely disregarded by Brown who continued to film the video that was airing on Facebook Live. 

Today, Tomlin addressed the media and spoke about Brown's unauthorized video which he described as "foolish, selfish and inconsiderate." He also noted that the video was a direct violation of the Steelers' team and league policy and that Brown will be punished accordingly, though he didn't expand on what that punishment will be.

As for his language in the video, the Steelers head coach said, "As a parent, as a member of the community I take that very seriously. I issue an apology in that regard."

Apologies shouldn't be necessary though. A coach should be able to speak to his players however he wants in the locker room without fear that he's secretly being recorded by one of his players. And besides, what Tomlin said about New England was relatively polite by NFL standards.

In any event, expect a much quieter Steelers roster and a plethora of canned answers heading into this Sunday's showdown with the Patriots.