This season has proven to be a very difficult one for the Pittsburgh Steelers as they are currently on a bit of a losing skid. In fact, they recently got blown out by the Cincinnati Bengals, and it has many fans worried about the future of this team. Ben Roethlisberger simply isn't cutting it anymore, and most of the players on the team just aren't giving it their maximum effort.

After Sunday's loss, wide receiver Chase Claypool had an interesting suggestion for the team as he said they should play music at practice. He feels like music is good at keeping the team loose, and he says it is sorely missing when the guys are training.

As you can imagine, this received some major pushback from head coach Mike Tomlin, who is very much against the presence of music at practice. Today, Tomlin even told reporters that Claypool should just stay in his lane.

Mike Tomlin

Jason Miller/Getty Images

"Claypool plays wide out and I'll let him do that," Tomlin said. "I'll formulate the practice approach and I think that division of labor is appropriate."

At this point, it's clear that the Steelers are in a bit of disarray, and even Tomlin is flustered. After some frustrating seasons, it feels like the Steelers could be on the verge of a rebuild, very soon.