Going to the mechanic is always a trip. You go in because your brakes are screeching and the next thing you know they're charging you for a new alternator, battery and a chassis alignment. 

Carolina Panthers full back Mike Tolbert knows the struggle well, as he recently got into it with the owner of Motion Lab Tuning because the shop took way too long to fix his car and upped the price of the original quote. Tolbert called out Motion Lab for being "crooks" and expecting him to pay more "because he's a millionaire."

"Terrible business and owner! I expected a level of professionalism that I did not receive and the owner expected me to pay more because I'm "a millionaire"!!!! Charlotte be aware they are crooks to the fullest extent!!!"

The owner claims that things got so heated at the shop that he needed to call police because Tolbert and a friend threatened him.

"From the beginning, he attempted to get us to do work for free because he is 'Mike Tolbert'. So today, I am disappointed that it came to this, I had to call the police on Mike Tolbert. He and his buddy threatened me. CMPD actually banned him from the property today. They forced him to pay his bill before leaving though."

As the owner notes, Tolbert still agreed to pay the $3,900 bill for a new motor but, out of spite, he paid in straight coins. 

Here's what the owner of the auto shop had to say about that all-time petty move:

"Pretty dumb really. All $3,900 in coins were easily identifiable as they came from a bank in boxes and perfectly counted out. I will say this, those coins will be taken in the boxes they came in and will be taken to a teller at BOA for deposit."

"I also have to break it to my son who is a fan of Mike Tolbert that he is a real scumbag that doesn't want to pay his bills."

Both Tolbert and the shop posted about their experience on social media, which you can check out below.