Mike Posner may have once embraced the party-boy lifestyle, as evidenced by his multi-platinum single "I Took A Pill In Ibiza," but he has since decided to embrace the opposite -- Herculean feats of athleticism. Following his impressive walk across America, Posner opted to brave Mt. Everest, dedicating his bold climb to The Detroit Justice Center, a non-profit law firm centered around criminal reform. His GoFundMe for the event has already raised $223,724 USD.  

“While my walk across America was about me finding myself, I want my climb to be about others," explained Posner, detailing his motivation to scale Everest in the name of his father's legacy. "Before my dad died, he was a criminal defense attorney in Detroit for 40 years. I’ve decided to dedicate my climb to the Detroit Justice Center because they’re doing criminal justice reform work in my city that would make my dad beam with joy.” 

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Following extensive training with Coach Dr. Jon Kedrowski, Posner actually committed to the dangerous and no-doubt-awe-inspiring climb. And while it's a notoriously difficult endeavor, it would appear that Posner and his team pulled it off earlier this morning. 

"This morning at 4:35 am, Dawa Chirring Sherpa, Jon Kedrowski, Dawa Dorje Sherpa and Mike Posner summited Mt Everest," wrote Posner, announcing his accomplishment to his fans and followers. "That’s what I call a sunrise. We are now back at camp 2 but not out of the woods until we descend to base camp tomorrow am. Please keep us in your prayers."

Clearly, Posner has achieved a status of beast mode seldom reached by those in the entertainment industry. We'd like to extend a massive congratulations to the singer for his latest accomplishment, and may his descent be a safe one. Now that he's tackled the tallest mountain in the world, we can only imagine what his next endeavor will entail.  

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