There’s been talks of a Richard Pryor biopic for years now, first being brought up in 2010 with Marlon Wayans set to play Richard, but that didn't happen. Then a couple years later Eddie Murphy was rumored to play Richard, before it was officially announced in 2015 that comedian Mike Epps would star as the late comedian. While we’ve been waiting for its release ever since, things weren’t looking too good earlier this year when it was revealed that the biopic was being done by the Weinstein Company, who have since crumbled down to the ground following the sexual assault allegations surfaced on Weinstein. Well after years of setbacks & a new production company behind them, the film looks to finally be on the way.

On Tuesday, Mike Epps took to his social media to share the first look at him as Richard Pryor, and it’s pretty spot on. The image, which was from Pryor’s 1977 movie Which Way Is Up?, looks just like Epps’ with his new shaved, barefaced look, sans mustache and goatee.

The biopic, which is titled Is It Something I Said?, is rumored to hit theaters early 2019. Check out the photo (below) and sound off in the comments.