Bars N Hooks' Mike Delorean of Mobb Deep's Infamous Records imprint recently spoke with Gully TV, and dropped off his own opinion on why the late Prodigy's mural in Queensbridge has been defaced twice in its short lifetime.

“He did a lot in the hip-hop culture,” Delorean begins around the 30 second mark of the clip. “At the same time, as a person he scarred some people personally. He talked about people in jail. He talked about people in a bad way that were supposed to be friends of his—people that embraced him. And he didn’t do that to people that he grew up with.”

Previously, Gully TV shed light on a similar theory in which they identified Prodigy's autobiographical book My Infamous Life as a point of contention within the community in Queensbridge, resulting in the defacing of his mural.

Sure enough, Delorean does show up in the book where Prodigy uncovered an incident involving Delorean's former beef with Nas.

Watch the full video below.