Mixing five projects in five weeks can certainly take its toll on you. With such a schedule, five weeks of sleepless nights in the studio is likely, tirelessly working away to make sure the quality is fully there. The G.O.O.D. Music team may have bitten off a little more than they could chew, promising albums from Kanye West, Kids See Ghosts, Pusha T, Nas and Teyana Taylor in a five-week period. Each project being executive produced by Yeezy, the perfectionist made sure to finish the sound of each album to his liking, leaving Mike Dean with limited time to mix and master. Ye's longtime engineer of choice, Mike Dean is feeling the results of such a gruesome month, showing off how he's recovering from the aftermath.

With K.T.S.E. now out of the way, the famed producer and engineer may finally have some time to sleep. Of course, his recovery plan includes a lot of fluids but he feels the need to get better quickly, opting for an IV drip to offset the possible effects of dehydration or exhaustion. While Dean doesn't exactly describe why he's using an IV, his caption makes it easy to assume that exhaustion could be in play. "The post 5 album recovery plan," wrote the engineer, proudly showing off the intravenous drip in use.

After such hard work on perfecting Nasir, Kids See Ghosts, Ye, Daytona, and K.T.S.E., Mike Dean deserves some major props for his contributions to G.O.O.D. Music's "surgical summer." With a possible Chance The Rapper & Kanye collaborative project coming up, Mike Dean might not have a lot of time to rest.