Mike Dean was up taking in the SNL telecast like everyone else, or so it seems. With his phone on hand, the mega-don technician field a bunch of Twitter questions aimed at his work on select projects, and his association with, you guessed it: Kanye West.

This commenter isn't a huge fan of Astroworld, or Mike Dean's undefined touch on the album. Mike Dean could have just as easily overlooked the comment like the many others, but sometimes the moment calls for reclamation, and so he asked the Tweeter rhetorically, "u want shit or quality?"

Mike Dean's myopic selection of Tweets saw him also respond to a question about bipartisan politics in America, and to a video centered on a vlogger's extreme vaping habits. All to say, Mike Dean cares about the environment, American Politics, but mostly the cultural perception of "good music."

Mike Dean is one of several players in the G.O.O.D. Music cabinet holding the cards on Yandhi or anything on Kanye's work calendar. Even in instances where his project management skills aren't implicitly understood, Mike Dean is often in a position where he receives a big part of the praise or blame, depending on the circumstances. Keep believing in self, Mike Dean.