Mike Dean is one of the most prolific producers and engineers of our time. He's helped create some of the most memorable albums from talents like Kanye West and Travis Scott. While he doesn't earn a ton of public recognition, he's known as one of the most well-versed musicians in the industry. From his stellar work on Astroworld to his vibes on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy and Watch The Throne, we've been lucky to hear the sounds of Mike Dean. Now in his fifties, the producer appears to be interested in letting his gear collect dust, pondering retirement in 2019. 

Fans were upset to see that Mike Dean is considering retiring next year. That's not to say he absolutely doesn't deserve it. However, being a little selfish, we want to hear even more collaborations between Dean and his star artists. He tweeted, "Retire in 2019?" and pretty much everybody responded that he should stay in the game for a little while longer. 

With Mike Dean pondering retirement, how do you think the game will change? He's responsible for some of the greatest albums we've listened to, contributing his ideas to a few of the classics. Personally, I hope he sticks around for a few more years. What do you think?