These days, people have come to expect the evening's new releases to pop up on streaming services at midnight on the dot. Unfortunately, Kanye West and Kid Cudi's joint effort Kids See Ghosts followed in Ye's footsteps, further breaking the cycle in ways only Yeezy can fathom. While we sit waiting with bated breath, while second-hand reports trickle in from those privy to the listening party, we're content to lap up the table scraps. Therefore, when producer and engineer Mike Dean comes through with a brief sample of the mysterious project, we accept it with open arms.

Dean took to Instagram to share a moment between himself and his inner circle, enjoying a kumbaya-esque moment of male solidarity. With Cudi's dulcet tones filling the room, Dean's entourage dances with varying degrees of rhythm, unified by their sheer appreciation for the moment. It's not often that one can hear a piece of artwork before said artwork is made available to the world. Yet Mike Dean is a man fixed in the know.

Check out the snippet below. From the sound of it, we're looking at somewhat of an anthem, not entirely dissimilar to the Ye cut "Ghost Town." While you listen, there is one peculiar moment worth noting. In a neighboring post, Dean seems to indicate that he's "mixing" something, possibly the upcoming Kids See Ghosts album. If so, that's down to the wire indeed.