Last night was not a good showing for the Houston Rockets as they were eliminated from the postseason in pretty spectacular fashion at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers. Despite winning Game 1, the Rockets simply couldn't keep up their pace and, in the end, they just weren't able to give their best effort to extend the series.

Immediately after last night's loss, there was speculation as to what the Rockets will be doing next, especially in relation to their head coach Mike D'Antoni. Some believe D'Antoni will be on his way out this season, especially since the team has yet to experience the playoff success people were expecting. Following Game 5, D'Antoni addressed the speculation, noting that he hopes to continue coaching with the Rockets although nothing is 100 percent confirmed.

"We’ll see what happens. I had four years. Hopefully it keeps going, but you just never know," D'Antoni said.

There are plenty of experienced head coaches looking for jobs right now, so it will be interesting to see which direction the Rockets go in. This season certainly turned out disappointing and with two superstars on their team, fans are going to be expecting a lot more in the future.