2020 Presidential candidate and former mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg, is catching heat for some disturbing comments he made about a father and son who passed away from an accidental overdose. On a political panel uploaded by the Bermuda Broadcasting company in March 2019, Bloomberg referenced a New York Daily News article about the tragic heroin overdoses of 44-year-old Joseph Andrade and his son Carlos in order to demonize the legalization of marijuana. Mike Bloomberg Footage Joking About Father, Son Overdose Death Resurfaces

Scott Olson/Getty Images

The ex-Stop-and-Frisk advocate decided it was a good idea to criticize the father, son duo and label them 'not a good family,' due to their struggles with addiction. During a brief segment during the panel, Bloomberg proudly states:

"The New York Post or the Daily News had a picture on the front page where a father and a son, they both OD'd at the same party," he said. "It's not a good family. It's craziness. And then we are going hellbent for whether in this country to legalize marijuana, another addictive drug."

Bloomberg also stated that the majority of America's youth are willing to join the Armed Forces, but only 25% of the population has the ability to read and write and are fit enough to join the military. Of course, with the clip resurfacing, Twitter wasn't having it and went in on the potential future POTUS. Check out some of the Tweets of the masses ripping Michael Bloomberg to shreds below:

While somehow Mike Bloomberg is still in the Democratic race for the 2020 Presidential election, he continues to get ethered by his opposition and the general public alike. Check out the full clip (approx. 18:50 mark) of Michael Bloomberg making fun of Joseph and Carlos Andrade in the video below.