Miguel shared the artwork for his anticipated new album, WILDHEART, in mid-May. The r'n'b singer is joined by a naked woman who is hunched over, while the two float in some sort of celestial space. Today, he's followed that up with the tracklist.

WILDHEART only has two features listed, one from Kurupt and another from Lenny Kravitz. Fans will also notice that three of the album's thirteen records appeared on his free EP from December.

The album is currently available to pre-order on Amazon here. It's due out June 30th. Thoughts on the tracklist?

1. A Beautiful Exit
2. Exit
3. The Valley
4. Coffee
5. NWA (Feat. Kurupt)
6. Waves
7. Whats Normal Anyway
8. Hollywood Dreams
9. Destinado A Morir
10. …goingtohell
11. Flesh
12. Leaves
13. Face The Sun (Feat. Lenny Kravitz)

[via HHNM]