Love is in the air. It's currently cuffing season, and everywhere you look, people are falling in love. I have long believed that the combination of colder weather and the holidays fuel the end of year cuffing season. Early humans may have huddled up for warmth around the colder months, creating some type of programming in our brains that yearns for cuddles, warmth, and closeness during the winter. On top of that, Christmas and Thanksgiving promote love and happiness, and emotion that is magnified when two people are crushing on each other. 

With that in mind, it looks like Miguel is getting married. The talented vocalist and songwriter appears to be locking things down with his high school sweetheart, model Nazanin Mandi. According to TMZMiguel went down to the courthouse on Monday (November 19) in Los Angeles to grab a marriage license. The couple allegedly signed the papers with a group of friends in tow to celebrate and cheer for the lovers.

Mike Windle/Getty Images for MTV

Miguel has known Mandi since the age of 18, and she's been his ride or die since before he was a famous singer. The couple got engaged in 2016, and it looks like their busy schedules have finally opened up enough for them to take a dive into the marriage deep end.