Back in 2017, Migos got themselves tangled in a legal dispute involving Sean Kingston. It was reported that the rap trio got into a physical altercation with the singer, along with two other men, in Las Vegas. A limo driver by the name of Michael Gradney who was at the scene later sued Kingston and Migos, claiming that he suffered injuries after finding himself in the middle of the brawl.

According to Gradney, in February 2017 he was hired to drive the rappers to the Sands Expo and Convention Center. However, he says he was caught up in the fight that happened right beside his limo. He claims that he was knocked to the ground and "severely injured." He also says he thinks a gun was fired in the altercation which resulted in other witnesses ducking to the ground for safety. Then, as stated by Gradney, Migos told him to go back into the car and drive them away. Throughout the whole altercation, he said that he "feared for his life."

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Gradney is suing for unspecified damages from all of the artists, claiming he suffered permanent physical and psychological injuries, yet, Migos is asking a judge to remove their names from the lawsuit. The Blast reports that the three rappers state that Gradney claims that he was knocked to the ground, but he doesn't specify who actually pushed him, nor does he say who allegedly fired a gun.

Because Gradney also didn't point out Quavo, Takeoff, or Offset specifically or accuse them of any wrongdoing, they want a judge to dismiss the lawsuit altogether. A judge has not yet ruled on the Migos request for dismissal.