A while back, rumors hit that Migos' anticipated sequel Culture 2 would be dropping in October. Now, the month has kicked off, and concrete news on the album is more or less scarce. Despite the drought, it should be noted that Migos have been increasingly active on the press circuit of late, hitting up MTV's TRL reboot for a performance, as well as stopping by Zane Lowe for an interview; in fact, the latter found the super-group announcing their plans for a Migos movie, written by none other than the multi-talented Quavo. As far as Culture 2, however, there's not much we know about the project, save for the appearance of a Cardi B feature. However, in an interview with MTV News, Migos may very well have revealed a few more potential guest stars. 

“We got a lot of records. We got records with Ty Dolla $ign, records with Big Sean, records with Drake, records with Travis…we gon’ keep it going,” says Quavo, before advising patience to anyone waiting on his new sounds. On the topic of his rumored collaboration with Travis Scott, Quavo kepts things playfully ambiguous. "Oooh, we on the way with it. Just like Culture 2. Just wait on it!”

Ultimately, there looks to be much to look forward to where Migos is concerned. Insofar as their newly announced collaborators, it's unclear whether or not the tracks will appear on Culture 2, but it wouldn't be surprising if they did. Migos have previously worked with Ty Dolla $ign on "??? (Where), Big Sean on "Sacrifices," and Drake on the "Versace Remix." Suffice it to say, Migos' hustle and flow have earned them a spot at the top of the heap, a fact to which that star-studded roster of guests can attest. 

For now, it's best to take Quavo's advice and be patient. His upcoming project with Travis Scott, as well as Migos Culture 2 are coming soon.