Something must be in the air, because rappers are going buck in corner stores like never before. The latest to engage in some corner store debauchery is Migos, who posted an Instagram video of their antics. The group orders an abundance of "Rap Snacks" Migos-flavored chips, while the cameraman yells ""UNK, RING THAT SHIT UP UNK." The cashier, known only as UNK, looks less than impressed. Dude's probably praying his boss doesn't barge in on the scene. 

Migos certainly made their presence felt, in the same way that a tornado does. Quavo stands atop the counter like some sort of chip-feasting Greek God, while Takeoff channels his subconscious dream of being a cashier, attempting to go behind the counter before being stopped by the actual employee. Meanwhile, Offset is too busy sniffing his stacks of money to notice. 

Migos is blowing up, and for better or worse, the fame seems to be getting to their heads. For now, nothing appears to be safe.