Hip-hop continues is still reeling from the news of Young Dolph's passing. The Memphis rapper's imprint across the South, and the rap game at large, didn't go unrecognized. His commitment to his community, and to stay independent, created a blueprint for many other rappers from his area. 

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Many of his friends and peers in the rap game have shared their condolences to his family as they mourn the loss of a legend. Over the weekend, Migos made a concerted effort to honor him during a live performance in New Jersey. Quavo asked the lights to be dimmed momentarily before asking the crowd to participate in a chant to honor the Memphis rapper with a lighter in the sky. 

"Cut the lights off," Quavo said. “We’d like to say we lost a brother, you dig what I’m saying. And if you love Young Dolph like we love Young Dolph, I need you to put a light in the sky, you dig what I’m saying? That’s my dog. On the count of three, if you Young Dolph, say, ‘Long live Young Dolph.'”

Migos and Young Dolph collaborated a few times over the years. They teamed up in 2014 for the single, "Thank Tha Plug" off of Cross Country Trappin, then again in 2017 on the song, "Drop It Off" from Gelato.

Check out the clip below.