It's a good time to be a Migos fan right now - the group is at the height of their stardom, and the anticipated Culture 2 is little over a week away. While the project is relatively shrouded in mystery, it seems likely that the trio will kick 2018 off on a high note, setting the bar for the myriad high-profile artists looking to drop this year. Now, Migos are in the middle of an extended press run, and today, the trio chopped it up with "Old Man" Ebro for an extended conversation. While the full interview drops at 3PM EST/ 1PM LA / 4PM ATL / 9PM LDN, Beats 1 has provided a snippet of the conversation, which centers around none other than Joe Budden.

It's no surprise that Joe came up for discussion, as his "beef" with the Migos was one of 2017's most memorable moments. At first, the group joking claims that Joe owes them a percentage of his new job earnings, before extending the olive branch. "We gon' keep it on the low Joe," says Takeoff, before Quavo chimes in with "he worldwide word right now. You can't beat Joe, can't nobody ever beat Joe." 

Takeoff isn't quite convinced, stating "the difference is, we want to see him win, he doesn't want to see us win." Quavo, however, disagrees - "Nah, my boy out there want to see the gang win. He know we're coming with that flame. You know what I'm saying? There ain't no hard feelings with Joe." 

It looks to be an excellent interview, as the Migos seem to be in great spirits, and highly communicative at that. Stay tuned for the full clip to drop, and stay tuned for Culture 2, dropping January 26th.