Migos aren't the first rappers to be sued for inciting a riot, and they won't be the last. According to TMZ, the Culture 2 trifecta are being hit with a lawsuit for allegedly inciting a riot, which culminated in six people getting stabbed. It's interesting how one might think of blaming Migos when a man with his own agency and free will shoved a knife into another man, but it would appear the group will have yet another legal hurdle thrown their way. The incident in question arose at a 2015 Albany concert, which, for some context, came on the heels of Rich N***a Timeline. 

Apparently, the group pulled the classic hip-hop show maneuver of arriving hours late, which the fans did not appreciate. Moreover, Offset, Takeoff, and Quavo were apparently drunk and stoned, reeking of liquor and reefer. The report also claims that the group refused to partake in a meet-and-greet, despite the fact that some fans had already paid for it. Suffice it to say, the tension was building, and the group was allegedly doing their part to rile people up; TMZ claims that the group were encouraging and cheering fans to fight.

Now, the venue is suing the group, accusing Migos of being responsible for people being stabbed, robbed, assaulted, injured, the works. According to the suit, Migos were watching the mayhem from the stage, laughing and encouraging further escalation. Video of the brawl can be seen below, but I recommend you watch it on mute. Otherwise, prepare to subject your ears to someone repeatedly screaming "WORLDSTAR" with such voice-cracking passion you'd think it was a battlecry.