This year, there's been a surge in violent measures being taken towards rappers and producers. While the same types of incidents may have taken place under wraps in the last few years, it seems as though people are being extra cautious about who runs in their circles. The unfortunate passing of XXXTentacion was allegedly due to a robbery gone wrong when X was reportedly shot after refusing to give up a Louis Vuitton bag in the backseat. With everybody getting their chain snatched in 2018 and beef being intensified between the younger generation of artists, producer Rob Taylor, who has worked with Migos, Yo Gotti, Rich Homie Quan and more, was the latest target in a violent outburst.

A video has begun to surface of the producer being pulled by his braids as an aspiring rapper yells that he "finessed" him out of $2K. During the scuffle, the unidentified rapper teases Taylor, saying, "He talking about he from Quality Control. Don’t spend your money with this n---a, son," all while keeping his hair in his hand. After a brief beat-down of the man, kicking and striking him while he was already down, the attackers take whatever money was in Rob's pockets before getting away. It's unsettling to see things like this continue to take place.

If you're up to it, watch the video below. Hopefully, Rob Taylor isn't badly injured. We'll update you on his condition as it becomes clear.