Get your 100% fresh beef here!

Migos member Offset and Ebro were caught feuding intensely on Instagram earlier this afternoon, all because of an allegation that Ebro posted to his account.

Originally, the Hot 97 host shared an article that claims Cardi B is dumping Offset because he allegedly charged her $250,000 for a feature. Ebro found this premise funny, commenting that, "This is not true! Funny on so many levels tho!! An Offset verse is 250k??"

As you might expect, Offset didn't take this well, telling Ebro to back off and stop trying to say he's "trash" or he'd "beat yo old ass." He also called Ebro a "sucker on my mama." Ebro didn't seem to be too rattled though, reposting a picture of the back-and-forth and expressed that he had love for Offset. If these two collide at Hot 97's Summer Jam this weekend, things could get interesting.

You can view the original post and one with the comments below.