It's been almost four years since Bobby Shmurda was nabbed on charges of conspiracy to murder, weapons possession and reckless endangerment. With the arrival of a new year, the controversial rapper is soon to be out of jail. And in anticipation of his release, Bobby and his label have already been working hard on cooking up some projects to release once he is out. Of these projects, we find the previously-mentioned collaboration between Shmurda and fellow rap comrades the Migos. According to OnSmash, both Migos and GS9 have kept in touch since the "Hot N*gga" artist's incarceration. In fact, GS9 confirmed that the Migos were the only ones consistently checking in since Shmurda was jailed. Therefore, it seems only right that these two collaborate as soon as Bobby's out.

The update surrounding the project came from Quavo who announced the arrival of the ShMigo project sometime in 2020. The reveal was made via Twitter the day after Christmas and read the following: "Jus Talked Bobby Shmurda Lil Bro In Great Spirits Bout To Touch Turf Soon!!! SHMIGO ALERT 2020!!!" Now we're sure fans retired the idea of there ever being a collaboration album because they've been talking about for 6 years now. Well, you may now get excited again because ShMigo is on the way.