What a time to be alive. 2019 was rather Migo-less with the exception of a few songs and Offset's solo debut. Perhaps we needed a little break from them after they dropped the nearly 2-hour project, Culture II. Sure, it came with a few bangers but for the most part, it was a forgettable project. That's probably why they decided to focus on solo albums and plot on their follow-up to Culture II.

Quavo does want you to know that they are plotting on how they will take over another decade. The Migos frontman shared a photo of the group/family members appearing to be backstage at a show. As Quavo takes a big pull off of his blunt, Takeoff peers over Offset's shoulder as they look at something on Offset's phone. By Offset's smile, he and Takeoff could either be watching cat videos on YouTube or laughing at a rapper with fake diamonds on. "N E W D E C A D E," Quavo captioned the photo.

In related news, Quavo did dish out on what to expect in 2020 including the new Migos album. Although uncertain if they'll keep Culture III as the album's title, Quavo did say that they're working on it. "I feel like it's more about Migos that y'all don't know yet. And I feel like this album is going to be prolific. I feel like this album is going to be the album to do it. And I think it's "Culture III," but I don't know. I think we may change the chapter," Quavo said. Keep your eyes peeled.